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National organization with a sole purpose to strive for “EXCELLENCE” in contributions within the diverse national beauty industry.

History of NFBS

  • Currently forming regional associations across 30 regions in the United States.

  • Report on the activities of local associations and central associations and promote joint projects through regular meetings twice a year.

  • Fostering relationships with wholesalers, enhancing relationships with liquor manufacturers, and promoting joint ventures.

  • Collaborating on a joint response and exploring ways to expand the market due to the entrance of other ethnic groups.

  • Conducting seminars and training for the development of the industry.

  • Actively participating in various beauty-related expos and hair shows.


Hello, respected members of the beauty community,

This year, the 2024 Beauty Show is planning a special event that will markedly differ from those of previous years. We intend to select beauty-related small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Korea and invite them to the show. This will pave the way for the development of new products and aid in boosting sales. Additionally, by conducting essential seminars for our members, we aim to assist in resolving business management challenges.

Furthermore, we plan to establish and run many new programs. To achieve this, the president and each executive officer are dedicating their utmost efforts to create a special show that benefits the association's members. We hope that many of you will participate and utilize this special show to support your business.

Wonhyeong Cho, the 17th NFBS President

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